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Lifestyle Photography

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography typically includes a model in an environment with props and accessories. But it's so much more. A photographer captures action shots or hero shots that highlight the clothes, jewelry, or accessories the model is wearing or the products they're using.

Any business with a website and a product or service to promote can benefit from lifestyle photography. Since consumers can't see your products in person, lifestyle photography can offer them an experience that increases their confidence in your brand. Images might focus on a home, restaurant, or pastoral setting as a backdrop to send a visual message about the product or person.

John Martinotti specializes in men's, women's, sports, and lifestyle photography. He creates concepts that explore and highlight the subject and how it relates to its environment. Please browse his lifestyle photography and other portfolios for inspiration. And get in touch if you have a project that needs a professional to bring your concept to life.

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