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Fashion Photographer

John Martinotti: Fine Art and Fashion Photographer

John Martinotti is adept at both fine art and fashion photography. He credits his mentor, Nazanine Afshar, of Atelier Creative House with elevating his work as a fashion photographer. In that capacity, he's worked with some of the best and brightest people in the industry, including magazine editors, their teams, stylists, creative designers, and modeling agencies.

National and international magazines, including PUMP, PICTION, and NORTHSIDE Magazine have published his work. Martinotti's concepts as a fashion photographer illustrate a deep understanding of his subject.

This understanding also infiltrates his work as a fine art photographer as he crafts a space for innovation to capture the fleeting beauty of a single moment. Martinotti's website portfolio is a visual wonderland with unique imagery inspired by his life, work as a fashion photographer, and his surroundings. Additionally, he finds inspiration in the photography of Peter Lindbergh, Ansel Adams, Richard Phibbs, and Irving Penn.

Online, you'll find his work as a fashion photographer grouped in sections including women's fashion, men's fashion, sports, and lifestyle. On the other hand, you can view Martinotti's work as a fine art photographer under that heading. Inside his fine art portfolio, you'll find collections such as horses, black and white, world travel, and architecture.

When it comes to Martinotti's work as a fine art photographer, he uses his camera to make a statement, to share a vision. His fine art photography reaches beyond literal representation to express feelings and intentionally reveals the emotional aspect of an image. His experience in fashion and lifestyle photography combine to make his images unique and professional, no matter the project.

Book a consultation with John Martinotti to discuss your vision and how the photographer can collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life.

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