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Services Provided by Professional Photographers

The first and most important service professional photographers provide is their ability to capture a moment in time. Whether graduation from high school or college, wedding celebrations, family vacations or holidays, business parties, or other significant milestones for those who hire them, the moment will be captured uniquely as only a photographer can do. This service is so valuable because everyone wants to remember these events for years after they have occurred. For example, millions of videos on YouTube of babies crawling for the first time, but far fewer images of these moments are preserved through photography. Here are seven services provided by professionals which you can't DIY at home:

1) Portrait Photography

Professional portrait photography doesn't only entail having your picture taken against white backdrops in studios with fancy lights. A good photographer will provide you with in-depth photographic knowledge about portraiture for both digital and film cameras, outdoor and indoor lighting, and the use of hand-held lighting.

2) Wedding Photography

Probably the most important event in any couple's life should be documented by a professional who knows how to get all the right angles and poses to capture this special occasion. Professional wedding photographers know how to blend in with your guests but still take great shots without ruining the intimacy of your big day, another thing you can't do yourself.

3) Event/Fashion/Product Photography

Whether it's an outdoor advertising campaign or an indoor fashion show, professionals can help you get that perfect shot through proper lighting techniques and other compositional techniques such as leading lines. They will also assist with what types of models should be used based on what type of photo is required for your event. Even if you're having a product shot taken for your business, you should always hire professionals to do the job right!

4) Sports Photography

Sports photography is another area that normally requires professional help because it's getting the perfect angles and capturing that split-second moment in time without missing out on important details like expressions, dress, and body language of the players involved. Since most sports happen outdoors, where lighting conditions often change, professionals will know how to adapt their equipment and techniques to fit each situation successfully.

5. Reportage/Street Photography

This type of photography usually entails following along with events as they unfold to capture candid moments on film or digital cameras. In this case, a professional photographer will be able to blend in with the crowd and take those hard-to-get shots that you normally can't get yourself.

5) Commercial/Advertising Photography

When it comes to getting photographs for commercial purposes such as brochures, catalogs, and product advertising, professionals know how to use lighting and lenses correctly to best display your product's features and benefits.

6) Fashion/Product Modeling

Professional fashion models show up on time and come prepared with several outfits and different poses. That gives photographers more than enough choices when selecting the poses which best fit the overall look of your brand or products. You should approach modeling agencies if you want your business featured in one of their fashion shows or photo shoots conducted by their professional photographers.


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