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photo taken by John J martinotii at Seattle's MoPop Museum



boat in the fog
John Martinotti self portrait

     John Martinotti is an accomplished fine art photographer that incorporates architectural, urban cityscapes, and landscape photography, serving clients worldwide.  John's collections can be found in collectors' residences and have been exhibited in galleries worldwide.  

As a fine art photographer, John does not believe in one size fits all.  He has a  keen eye for detail, and employing long exposure times, allows him to capture astonishing levels of detail, where his work has an ethereal quality that detaches them from the world as we see it.

John's recent work has included an experimental series of long exposure that utilizes the slow depth of field zoom-in and wet glass water technique, conveying bold new abstract colorful images that take you on an incredible journey of sites worldwide.    

All of John's works are signed, numbered prints.  He welcomes inquiries regarding photo shoots, fine art print sales, exhibitions, and image licensing requests. 

Portland OR.png


For inquiries and to make a purchase, reach out to us at the number below. Your perfect piece is just a call away!"

Bothell WA 98822


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